Frequently Asked Questions


Domestic shipping is free of charge, however, all international orders will include a flat $15 shipping fee.


After careful research and experience with previous TopLoc models, we’ve determined that UV rays have a significant impact on the lock’s aesthetic, as brightly colored TopLocs tend to fade over time. We’ve determined that MilSpec Grey, our current offering, stands up to the harmful UV rays and is more scratch-resistant than standard anodizing, and far more fade-resilient. If you truly desire another color, you can have the anodizing stripped and reapplied at an anodizing shop.


In order to install the TopLocs in your Miata, you will need a Torx T40 in order to remove the OEM bolts and a 5mm hex wrench to install the new bolts that come with your TopLocs. Detailed instructions for guided installation can be found here.

Roll Bar Compatibility

We are in the process of compiling a roll bar compatibility list. If you would like to contribute information based on your own experiences, we’d love to hear from you. For now, please note that if your vehicle’s factory latches operate normally and without interference, then the TopLoc should fit and work properly as well.

Update** We've formally tested the TopLoc with the Boss Frog Double Hoop Roll Bar and deem the TopLoc fully compatible with this roll bar. If you have questions about your roll bar specifically, please reach out to us on the Contact Us page

Honda S2000

There has been a great deal of interest in developing a TopLoc solution for Honda S2000 hardtops. After analyzing the vehicle’s specifications, no simple solution emerged. We are, however, open to suggestions and are able to arrange a preorder system if the S2000 community would support it.

Single Orders

TopLoc does not provide individual (single lock) orders. For security purposes, TopLoc is only sold in pairs. One pair is made up of two, key-to like, locks. Essentially, purchasing a TopLoc is similar to buying a pair of shoes.

Group-Buy (10 Pairs)

We provide a 10 pair group-buy option. TopLocs that are shipped to one address will receive 10% off the total purchase amount. Group-buys are great for friends, car clubs, and motorsports shops. 

Return Policy

100% money back within 30 days; no questions asked, return shipping not included.